Fields of Terror

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This page is still a work in progress. Please excuse our mess while we prepare the ticket purchase options.

Click the link to buy tickets! A VIP ticket cost is $28 for adults and $18 for kids (12 and under). The VIP ticket line will move twice as fast as the general admission line. Each VIP ticket holder will also get 50 extra zombie killing paintballs for FREE!! We highly encourage you to purchase a VIP ticket to greatly reduce the time you would have to wait if you were to buy a general admission ticket. A General Admission ticket will cost $20 for adults and $15 for kids (12 and under). The VIP zombie assault vehicles can fit twice as many riders as the General Admission zombie assault vehicle!

*Please note each ticket holder will be required to check in at the ticket booth BEFORE getting in line for the ride to go through a check in process and to verify age! Be honest when buying your ticket and don’t buy a kid’s ticket if you are an adult or over the age limit. Doing so will only hold up the line because you will have to pay for the rest of your ADULT ticket and we will not offer you a refund if you don’t want to cooperate and pay for it! Other events similar to ours DO NOT offer a kid’s price on tickets. We are offering kids prices to make our event more affordable to families!! Don’t be that person that ruins that for other people!!